Insurance Adjustment Group, Inc.

A.) Adjustment Services

Our adjustment services offer the following:

1.) Contract (policy) review

2.) Emergency stabilization of the damaged property

3.) Document discovery

4.) Claim preparation

5.) Claim process

6.) Claim presentation

7.) Negotiate settlement (with the insurance company on behalf of the insured)

8.) Re-Open a claim and negotiate for additional monies if a descrepancy is found after a claim has been settled

B.) Appraisal Services

There are 2 types of appraisal services available:

1.) Write an estimate describing in detail how much your claim is potentially worth. With this option, we do not negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.

2.) Should you (the insured) and the insurance company fail to agree upon a settlement figure, you may hire us as your "appraiser". The appraisal process is similar to a normal adjustment service in terms of method, but the key difference is that the process now includes an umpire to help settle the differences in the claim.

C.) Emergency Services

1.) 24 Hour Emergency Boardup Service to secure your porperty

2.) Winterization of your property if  adequate heating is not available

3.) Temporary lighting

4.) Emergency water extraction/remediation

D.) Restoration Services

When a settlement is reached with the insurance company, you have the option to use our company for the repairs to your property. As a fully licensed General Contractor, we can fix your property using the insurance proceeds, limiting any out of pocket expenses.

The best part about using IAG for your construction needs is this: If you do choose to use us for your repair needs, IAG will waive the entire Building Adjustment Fee!Call today for more details!

What Can IAG Offer Me?