Insurance Adjustment Group, Inc.
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a qualified insurance specialist who represents you in dealing with the insurance company. A Public Adjuster will assist you in preparing, filing, and adjusting your insurance claims.

Why do we need a Public Adjuster?

Insurance company adjusters are trained professionals who represent the interests of the Insurance company. In other words, they are employed by the insurance company to protect their interests, not necessarily yours. The insurance companies offer to pay as they see it. That is like you trusting an IRS agent to do your taxes. Public Adjusters are your exclusive representatives. As a claim expert, the Public Adjuster will obtain a more favorable settlement and recovery for you, the Insured.

What must be done after a property loss?

Immediate decisions must be made and action taken to stabilize the property; rebuild, replace or relocate; to continue business and maintain clientele; to properly and effectively prepare your insurance claim and document your loss, and to deal with the insurance company.

Can we handle our own claim?

Sure you can handle your own claim, but a Public Adjuster is a licensed professional that can point out critical mistakes before they are submitted to the insurance company. If you had a severe problem with your car, would you attempt to repair it yourself, or would you hire a licensed mechanic to do it? It's a similar comparison to the insurance industry. Furthermore, the Public Adjuster will assist you in the preparation of lost inventories, determining property values, calculating possible business interruption losses, and determining what expenses are comparable if you need to relocate your home or business.

Aside from having an expert analysis performed on your claim, IAG will relieve you of the many time-consuming and difficult tasks required by the insurance company when preparing and filing a claim.